How it all began...

The idea of WeinerWraps was born about 10 years ago with our first dachshund, Cocoa.  Her hair is very thin and living in Colorado, where the winters are cold and snowy, the idea of going outside was not fun. So to help keep her warm, we purchased our first dog coat and had less than desirable results.  After purchasing many different coats we continued to have the same results--not a jacket or coat would fit a dachshund well enough to stay on. Every time, before the dog was done with her "duties", the coat was laying on the ground somewhere in the yard and a cold dachshund came back in to the house.

After looking at local pet stores, chain pet stores, and even on the web, we soon realized that there was not a dog coat that was designed especially for dachshunds. All the dog coats were either too long, too short or too big around and none would cover her belly. This was especially a problem for Cocoa who has no hair to protect her belly. That is when the mastermind behind WeinerWraps began designing a dog coat that was made just for dachshunds.

Next came Chase. As a young puppy she ran out into the street and was hit by a van. Several surgeries later, she was walking and playing like a puppy again. However her hind quarters were filled with metal and she just couldn’t stay warm, even indoors. Thus it was especially important to keep the back end warm and the coat grew a little longer.

Then we added Trouble to the mix. She refused to do her “duties” outside if she was cold, she’d just hold it until she was miserable or it was warmer outside. So the push continued to make a snug fitting, warm jacket.

Countless patterns, designs and fabrics were tested on all of the family members' 6 weiner dogs, each a different size and shape. There were plenty of patient, and now warm,  dachshund models to aid in the design. For years WeinerWraps has been in development, with many redesigns and tweaks looking for just the right fit for the unique build of a dachshund.